About Us

At Competitive Edge Sports we use a 7 step skate sharpening process. which is recognized by the NHL, AHL, CHL, ECHL, WCHL, and OHL. This system is important to give the skater stronger skating skills, make the skater faster, improve the skaters balance and gives longer life to the skate blades and skates overall. Competitive Edge Sports gives a superior standard in skate blade maintenance. Finish process and profiling system. This provides “skater control” – puts the skater in control of their skates not the skates in control of the skater. Proper sharpening, profile, boot and blade alignment will help maintain a skater’s center of gravity and reduce body compensations, physical stress; lost performance.

Business Mission

To provide all skaters the opportunity to realize their full potential with perfectly sharpened skates. I use a proven 7 step skate sharpening process and professional state of the art Blademaster skate sharpening equipment.

Respect, Integrity, Communication and Excellence.

Business Vision

Competitive Edge Sports vision is our skate sharpening process will change the way our customers think about skate sharpening. Full service and friendly we will give you an experience that will leave you the customer to come back time and time again. This will result in the expansion of the sporting business to increase to a retail location and into ecommerce. It will also result in the expansion of the skate sharpening model to open in other arena locations.