Boot Stretcher

When a pair of skates become too small and uncomfortable on your foot the boot stretcher will give you an additional length and width to get you through the hockey season.

If you're experiencing painful pressure points when you skate, chances are, you've got more at stake than just your comfort: your focus and overall performance are at risk.

The simple truth is that well-fitting skates should NEVER produce pain. And when you're looking for ultimate performance, you simply can't afford anything that will take your mind off what matters most.

That's why Competitive Edge Sports offers skate stretching--a simple technique that adjusts the boot to match your foot, and alleviates pressure points like those over the anklebone, arch, or side of the toe.

We can even stretch the skate's length to allow for a small difference in foot size...or to help that young growing foot get through the last weeks of the season!

Don't let painful pressure points get in the way of your performance. Come in to Competitive Edge Sports today and find out if stretching is the right answer for you.