Skate Profiling

Skate manufacturers when making your skates do not know the following factors about the person buying the skates: Weight, Height, Players Position or skill level. They are producing a skate for the general public. It is not until you purchase your skates new or used that a skate profile can be done. The reason is now we know the factors that must go into profiling your skates to you.

Which skaters should have a skate profiling done to their skates? All skaters, especially if you play a sport or are a figure skater or a speed skater.

This is what our Profiling system does for you:

  • Match the profile to both skate blades
  • Customize profile shape and depth of hollow to determine the amount of blade contacting the ice
  • Factor in weight, height, alignment, skill level, position played
  • Compensate for any skating problem faced by the skater